About Me

My name is Constance Azura.

Lover, companion, now a dedicated mentor to beautiful ladies whom adore and care for dearly. I have decided to venture down this path because I knew what it was like to be the new girl. Daunting, scary, a great fear of the unknown ahead.

As someone who fell into the escort world by chance, I was once shy and lacked self confidence. I never would have thought a few years later, I would be recognised internationally and have travelled the world. Best of all I have met amazing and talented people some of whom are now my closest friends. 

There were many occasions where I made mistakes, learnt the hard way and sometimes having a double life meant I felt loneliness like never before.

The mentor program also offers support to minimise isolation and encouragement to not lose sight of your real life and still be a part of it.

It warms my heart when I see a person grow and see that I am helping them enrich their lives. As it is not only financially rewarding but is a major part in regaining self worth and liberation as well as the inspiration to be the best they can be. The program encourages individuality, strength in personal confidence and believing in the beauty that exists in everyone, both inside and out.

My responsibility will always be ensuring everyone in the program feels comfortable with working together but most of all to enjoy and stay passionate with the path they have chosen. 

As well as reaching goals and making dreams a reality, I hope those who come under my guidance will come to understand and always have a genuine appreciation of their lovers and to be kind and respectful towards their industry peers.