Corporate Career Suit - 28 March 2018

I’d already been in the industry for a while but I was always too nervous to head out on my own until I met Connie. Right from our first meeting she gave great advice and insights on starting off.

She spent time getting to know me as a person and uncovering my attraction and intrigue of the industry. From her knowledge and experience Connie gave excellent suggestions on how to promote my best assets and skill set to the best of my ability and started a brand and image that interesting and stand out.

This in turn strengthened my confidence and helped me set my ideas into place. Without her I feel I’d easily have made many mistakes and taken unnecessary risks.

Connie helped me build a business and put marketing plan into action – saving me heaps of time and covering all the boring stuff that I would have normally let slide.

Connie is a fabulous mentor and I don’t think I could’ve stayed and succeeded in the industry without her on-going support.

Mature Graduate - 35 yrs January 2018

Connie helped me realise that my market of men in were the boring 55yr to 65yr old men who always say they're 48.
They never want to fuck their wives (even though they pretend it's their wives who don't want to fuck them).
And want to touch younger women but aren't rich enough to pretend that they're not paying for it.

And she also helped me realise that I can't get through certain events while I'm sober.

She helped me realise that I have no style when it comes to dress and appearance and I fuck up and buy the wrong shoes.

I needed all the advice I could get in looking like a classy lady.

Thanks Connie you're the best mumma eva

University Student - 21 yrs October 2017

Trying to break into the industry can be very hard sometimes and can often land you talking to people that try to take advantage of you and put you in compromising situations.

Working with this mentor program however I have come to know Connie and her team as people that will always help and always have your best interest at heart. This mentoring program helped me not only break into the industry but saw my potential and worked with me to try and get me to the top.

Without Connie and her team’s devotion towards my career progression, I would definitely not be where i am in this industry.