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Le Bob I have been Conniefied

As to the play time with Connie well it was nothing short of amazing. Connie loves kissing; cuddling and making you feel like a superstar. Without going into the blow by blow description Connie has the unique ability to be incredibly sensual and loving one minute and the next have you pinned to the bed thinking what the FUCK just happened.

Oz Buck Melbourne

Constance and I enjoyed ourselves and she demonstrated her skills in the sack. They were many, effective and pleasurable. I did what I could to reciprocate and properly welcome Constance to Melbourne. I used my mouth to welcome her verbally and also by kissing her lips, upstairs and down. Constance's moans assured me that without doubt she was happy indeed to be in town. It was nice to hear those sounds of pleasure and feel her body move and squirm in response to my oral efforts.

anuddafatguy A wonderful but slightly different Connified Experience.

She arrived looking magnificent (as always) but she had done something a little different with her eye makeup - she looked … well … she had this great combination of classic and exotic beauty. And a discrete but super hot short dress just topped it off - she looked fantastic.

elemental19 "Connie" is officially another word for "cardio"

...which brings me to the highlight of the evening. Once I’m ready to go again after a breather, the dom is slipped on and Connie in all her glory mounts me and starts to ride me like a woman seemingly possessed! I’m doing my best to match her, thrusting upwards as she slams down on me, and as the speed and frenetic nature of our fucking increases, I dimly appreciate the advantages of having your first fuck in a while – you bring a renewed energy back into the bedroom and don’t really want to stop! (Perhaps the saying should be “abstinence makes the cock grow harder!”) This, coupled with the fact I’d already blown a load once tonight, meant we were looking likely to be in for an arduous workout.